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From cock +‎ blocker.


cockblocker (plural cockblockers)

  1. Agent noun of cockblock: one who cockblocks.
    • 2009, Inman Majors, The Millionaires: a Novel of the New South, page 328:
      Let me tell you something, there ain't no cockblocker like a British cockblocker. Spent three months over there in the service and every night you'd have to wade through about fifty of them to talk to one of the local gals.
    • 2008, Jonathan Segura, Occupational Hazards, page 92:
      Tell you what, I'll take one for the team and charm the cockblocker, and you can have your pick.
    • 2007, Joseph Lanza, Phallic Frenzy: Ken Russell and His Films, page 80:
      Why are those on the cockblocker bandwagon so desperate to keep these two chaps from getting it on with one another either atop the Edwardian rug or in the Technicolor-ish hay?
    • 2006, Ajai, Indiscretions of the Heart, page 4:
      He signaled for me to come over, but I was no cockblocker or third party, so I didn't move.
    • 2005, Erik Barmack, The Virgin: A Novel, page 71:
      "What do you think of Nova?" "Well ... I guess you could say he's a cockblocker." "Shep, we don't use words like cockblocker." "Fine, then he's a ... chiseler."