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cock +‎ breath



  1. (vulgar, colloquial, pejorative) A contemptible person, usually used as a disparaging term of address
    • 1997, Greg Rucka, Keeper
      "Fuck my ass, cockbreath," he snarled back.
    • 1997, Richard Marcinko, Task Force Blue, page 162:
      And you know what that means, cockbreath?
    • 2006, Peter Temple, Bad Debts, page 103:
      I said I didn't want to answer any more questions and he said: "Answer me, cockbreath." Those were his words.
    • 2007, Richard Marcinko and James DeFelice, Holy Terror, page 235:
      Ohayo gozaimasu, and fuck you too, you little monkeybrain cockbreath squirt.”
    • 2008, Daniel Lyons, Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, page 79:
      Maybe the altitude is messing up his head and he figures I don't remember what a cockbreath he was on the music store.

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