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Etymology 1[edit]

cock +‎ head; see cock (penis (slang)).


cockhead (plural cockheads)

  1. (vulgar, slang) The glans penis.
    • 2003, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Pulling Taffy, p. 64:
      He says oh that feels great, could you squeeze a bit harder on my cockhead?
  2. (vulgar, slang, derogatory) Dickhead, a term of abuse.
    • 2003, Jerzy N. Kosinski, The Devil Tree: A Novel, p. 89:
      I'm star material, you cockhead. Just look at me!

Etymology 2[edit]

cock +‎ head; see cock (turn upward).


cockhead (plural cockheads)

  1. (engineering) The rounded or pointed top of a grinding mill spindle, forming a pivot on which the stone is balanced.
Related terms[edit]