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With ending changed to -o due to analogy, from Latin cucumerem, accusative form of cucumis (cucumber).


  • IPA(key): /koˈ
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -omero
  • Hyphenation: co‧có‧me‧ro


cocomero m (plural cocomeri)

  1. watermelon, specifically:
  2. the plant Citrullus lanatus
  3. (by extension) the fruit of the plant
  4. (figuratively) a foolish or unreliable man
  5. (regional, northern Italy) cucumber
    • 1495, Pietro de' Crescenzi, “VIII. Delle dilettazioni degli orti, e dell'erbe [8. Of the delights of vegetable gardens and herbs]”, in Trattato di agricoltura - Volume due [Treatise about agriculture - Volume two]‎[2], Naples: Printed by Felice Mosca, published 1724, Libro ottavo, page 104:
      E ancora creſceranno i cocomeri, o vero cedriuoli, maraviglioſamente, ſe porrai ſotto 'l cocomero, o sotto il cedriuolo, o ſotto la zucca un vaſello d'acqua ſcoperto, due palmi più baſſo.
      Cucumbers will also grow marvelously if you put, two palms below the cucumber, an open jar of water.
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