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Coke +‎ bottle, possibly from a nickname for the ! character, thought to resemble an upturned bottle.


cokebottle (plural cokebottles)

  1. (computing, slang) An unusual character, or one that is difficult to type.
    • 1983, Byte, Volume 8, page 312
      MINCE has a million commands; Control-meta-CokeBottle probably means something.
    • 1985, Peter S. Langston, "The Influence of the UNIX Operating System on the Development of Two Video Games", EUUGN, Vol. 5, No. 6, page 34 (reprinted in AUUGN Jul 1985, Vol. 6, No. 2, page 54) [1]
      ...the task at hand with few, if any, religious debates over the virtues of modelessness or the sins of meta-cokebottle-shift.
    • 1990-11-28, Jamie Zawinski, "Re: Do people still use Explorers?", comp.sys.ti.explorer, <>
      If input was event-based instead of character based, then under X you could easily have seperate[sic] keybindings for left-shift-cokebottle and right-shift-cokebottle...
    • 1996, Debra Cameron; Bill Rosenblatt; Eric S. Raymond, Learning GNU Emacs, O'Reilly Media,, →ISBN, page 408:
      Nowadays many younger hackers can touch-type, so space-cadet-style quadruple-bucky-meta-cokebottle commands are less popular than formerly; []
    • 2015, Alex Feinman, We Were Gods (Omnibus Edition), →ISBN, page 235:
      Now type x-underscore-asterisk-coke bottle!