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cold read (third-person singular simple present cold reads, present participle cold reading, simple past and past participle cold read)

  1. To deduce using the practice of cold reading.
    He told us he was able to cold read the man's profession
    "..., we meet someone and want to find out a little more about him/her ..., so, completely without conscious thought, we begin to cold read. [1]
    Why sceptics do not cold read? (Article heading) [2]
  2. (acting, newsreading) To perform a script without preparation.
    At the audition you will be required to cold read a script.
    Learning to Cold Read (Article heading on acting website) [3]


cold read (plural cold reads)

  1. an act of cold reading.
    This is an example of what magicians (and unfortunately phony psychics) call a "cold read". [4]

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