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From collect +‎ -o- +‎ -mania.


collectomania (uncountable)

  1. An obsessive desire to collect things.
    • 1993, Carl Muller, The Jam Fruit Tree, page 126:
      Only one thing could be considered and attributed: Leah's collectomania that grew to fanatic proportions after marriage.
    • 1994, Irene Gammel, Sexualizing Power in Naturalism, page 181:
      Dreiser 's naturalism textually mimics capitalism's collectomania and fetishistic obsession with material objects and facts [...].
    • 2007, Anna Dezeuze, "Unpacking Joseph Cornell", in Joseph Cornell: Opening The Box, p. 223:
      The apparent absence of selection criteria in Warhol's collectomania was also a characteristic of 'Raid the Icebox I', the touring show that he curated in 1969 at the Institute for the Arts in Houston [...].