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From common +‎ -ship. Compare North Frisian gemiinschap (community), Saterland Frisian Gemeenskup (community), West Frisian mienskip (community), Dutch gemeenschap (community, fellowship), German Gemeinschaft (community, fellowship), Swedish gemenskap (community, fellowship).


commonship (countable and uncountable, plural commonships)

  1. A state, condition, or things shared or held in common; commonality.
    • 2004, Ingemar Nordgren, The Well Spring Of The Goths:
      The two languages develope in different directions but the old commonship is still discernible.
  2. A community or fellowship.
    • 1863, House of Commons Papers - Volume 74 - Page 22:
      If they do not agree, then, as already mentioned, it is reserved to His Majesty, together with the approving Assembly, to effect the proposed change in the portion of the Monarchy concerned, to dissolve the commonship, and to make the consequent administrative arrangements; []
    • 1988, Laurel Shakelford, Bill Weinberg, Our Appalachia:
      There was even a commonship between the mine operators and the men at one time, before the Great Depression.