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Alternative forms[edit]


From concassé, concasse or its etymon, French concasser (crush, grind), + the English past tense -ed.


concassed (not comparable)

  1. (cooking) Roughly chopped or diced; (in particular, of a tomato) diced after the seeds/core and skin have been removed.
    • 1976, Auguste Escoffier, The Escoffier Cook Book: A Guide to the Fine Art of Cookery, Clarkson Potter, →ISBN, page 73:
      Concassed Chervil—Proceed as above, except that, instead of chopping it, compress it between the fingers and slice it with a shredding knife. Concassed and chopped chervil are, if possible, only prepared at the last moment.
    • 2013, G. A. Escoffier, A Guide to Modern Cookery -, Read Books Ltd, →ISBN:
      Coat it with Provençale sauce combined with the reduced cooking liquor, and sprinkle a little concassed parsley over it. Surround the sole with 4 little tomatoes []



  1. simple past tense and past participle of concasse