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confœderate (not comparable)

  1. Archaic spelling of confederate.


confœderate (plural confœderates)

  1. Archaic spelling of confederate.
    • 1663, Newhavens case stated, section 21: subsection 3; reprinted in:
    • 1858, Records of the Colony Or Jurisdiction of New Haven, from May, 1653, to the Union, page 529:
      Toward vs, your neighbours, your bretheren, yor confœderates, by vertue wherof it is yor dutye to prserue vnto vs our colonie state, power & priuilidges, against all others that would oppose vs therein or incroach vpon vs.


confœderate (third-person singular simple present confœderates, present participle confœderating, simple past and past participle confœderated)

  1. Archaic spelling of confederate.
    • 1937, Isabel MacBeath Calder, Letters of John Davenport: Puritan Divine, page 247 (Yale University Press):
      [] scituation is the same now as it was before our confœderating, and ever since, and affords noe more ground now to dissanull the coven[an]t then before; []

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