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Latin confirmandus


confirmand (plural confirmands)

  1. (religion) A candidate for confirmation or affirmation of baptism.
    • 1868, Isaac Mayer Wise, Hymns, Psalms and Prayers[1], page 203:
      The preacher then tells the confirmands, that as a token of their full consent to the confession just made, each of them should kiss the Scroll of the Law.
    • 1917 March 25, “Showing by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ”, in The Evangelical Herald[2], volume 16, page 83:
      In confirmation the confirmand confesses his faith and expresses a willingness to accept and obey Jesus Christ as his Lord; and the Christian Church confirms the worthiness of the confirmand to partake of the fellowship and heavenly blessings which this new relation called church-membership involves.
    • 2009, Michael J. Coyner, The Race to Reach Out: Connecting Newcomers to Christ in a New Century[3]:
      These persons are recruited from a list of several, active adults in the church that is submitted by each confirmand.


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confirmand m (plural confirmands, feminine confirmande)

  1. confirmand

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