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confuse +‎ -opoly, coined by Scott Adams in The Dilbert Future.



confusopoly (plural confusopolies)

  1. (economics) An economic condition whereby the market force of competition is evaded via intentional obfuscation.
    • 1999, David Marshall, “ADSL for 200 quid a month?”, in alt.dur.general (Usenet):
      Be aware that BT have just cut some prices, *and* introduced a new tariff that you can buy your way onto. Beware however that it's an even bigger confusopoly than it was before.
    • 2001, Herbert Jack Rotfeld, Adventures in Misplaced Marketing:
      Instead of the power of monopoly, consumers lose to the power of confusopoly.
    • 2003, Stevie D, “Regulating privatised companies (rail versus telecom, water, electricity, gas)”, in uk.railway (Usenet):
      One of the main reasons to have competition is that it leads to lower prices. So now we have a confusopoly where innumerable providers are all offering us special deals but actual prices are being kept artificially high.