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conspiracy +‎ -ist


conspiracist (plural conspiracists)

  1. A person who puts forward a conspiracy theory.
    Synonym: conspiracy theorist
    • 2006 May 4, David Brooks, “The Paranoid Style”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331:
      [Kevin] Phillips's method is pretty conventional for conspiracists – he takes a single issue or set of data points and constructs an all-explaining story line to show how hidden cabals are controlling America.
    • 2020, Marcus Gilroy-Ware, After the Fact?, Repeater, →ISBN:
      As this business model developed, InfoWars’ shows, hosted by an array of conspiracists alongside [Alex] Jones, such as British conspiracist Paul Joseph Watson, became increasingly punctuated by ad breaks and product placement, in a way that one journalist described as like “the QVC for racist uncles” (Lamoureux, 2017).


conspiracist (comparative more conspiracist, superlative most conspiracist)

  1. Related to conspiracy theories.
    • 2020, Marcus Gilroy-Ware, After the Fact?, Repeater, →ISBN:
      The conspiracist worldview that presumes a wholly designed universe is similar, and with a conspiracy theory, the holder of the belief in some ways imagines themselves as the detective or investigator, []

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