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Perfect passive participle of cōnstituō (set up, constitute).


cōnstitūtus m (feminine cōnstitūta, neuter cōnstitūtum); first/second declension

  1. set up, arranged, constituted, having been set up
  2. fixed, established, having been established


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative cōnstitūtus cōnstitūta cōnstitūtum cōnstitūtī cōnstitūtae cōnstitūta
genitive cōnstitūtī cōnstitūtae cōnstitūtī cōnstitūtōrum cōnstitūtārum cōnstitūtōrum
dative cōnstitūtō cōnstitūtō cōnstitūtīs
accusative cōnstitūtum cōnstitūtam cōnstitūtum cōnstitūtōs cōnstitūtās cōnstitūta
ablative cōnstitūtō cōnstitūtā cōnstitūtō cōnstitūtīs
vocative cōnstitūte cōnstitūta cōnstitūtum cōnstitūtī cōnstitūtae cōnstitūta


cōnstitūtus m (genitive cōnstitūtūs); second declension

  1. meeting


Fourth declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative cōnstitūtus cōnstitūtūs
genitive cōnstitūtūs cōnstitūtuum
dative cōnstitūtuī cōnstitūtibus
accusative cōnstitūtum cōnstitūtūs
ablative cōnstitūtū cōnstitūtibus
vocative cōnstitūtus cōnstitūtūs


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