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From con- (with) +‎ statuō (set up; establish).



cōnstituō (present infinitive cōnstituere, perfect active cōnstituī, supine cōnstitūtum); third conjugation

  1. to place, put, locate, lay
    Synonyms: ponō, colloco, loco, statuo, sisto, figo, struō, impono, defigo
  2. to set up, establish, constitute, found
  3. to build, erect, construct
    Synonyms: aedificō, exaedificō, inaedificō, struō, cōnstruō, condō, compōnō, fundō, statuō, exstruō, mōlior
  4. (military) to line up, deploy, order
  5. to deliberate, decide, resolve
    Synonyms: statuō, cernō, dēcernō, parō, placeō
  6. to nominate, appoint, elect
    Synonyms: designo, assigno, demando, mando, delego, lego, discribo, ordino, addico


   Conjugation of cōnstituō (third conjugation)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present cōnstituō cōnstituis cōnstituit cōnstituimus cōnstituitis cōnstituunt
imperfect cōnstituēbam cōnstituēbās cōnstituēbat cōnstituēbāmus cōnstituēbātis cōnstituēbant
future cōnstituam cōnstituēs cōnstituet cōnstituēmus cōnstituētis cōnstituent
perfect cōnstituī cōnstituistī cōnstituit cōnstituimus cōnstituistis cōnstituērunt,
pluperfect cōnstitueram cōnstituerās cōnstituerat cōnstituerāmus cōnstituerātis cōnstituerant
future perfect cōnstituerō cōnstitueris cōnstituerit cōnstituerimus cōnstitueritis cōnstituerint
passive present cōnstituor cōnstitueris,
cōnstituitur cōnstituimur cōnstituiminī cōnstituuntur
imperfect cōnstituēbar cōnstituēbāris,
cōnstituēbātur cōnstituēbāmur cōnstituēbāminī cōnstituēbantur
future cōnstituar cōnstituēris,
cōnstituētur cōnstituēmur cōnstituēminī cōnstituentur
perfect cōnstitūtus + present active indicative of sum
pluperfect cōnstitūtus + imperfect active indicative of sum
future perfect cōnstitūtus + future active indicative of sum
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present cōnstituam cōnstituās cōnstituat cōnstituāmus cōnstituātis cōnstituant
imperfect cōnstituerem cōnstituerēs cōnstitueret cōnstituerēmus cōnstituerētis cōnstituerent
perfect cōnstituerim cōnstituerīs cōnstituerit cōnstituerīmus cōnstituerītis cōnstituerint
pluperfect cōnstituissem cōnstituissēs cōnstituisset cōnstituissēmus cōnstituissētis cōnstituissent
passive present cōnstituar cōnstituāris,
cōnstituātur cōnstituāmur cōnstituāminī cōnstituantur
imperfect cōnstituerer cōnstituerēris,
cōnstituerētur cōnstituerēmur cōnstituerēminī cōnstituerentur
perfect cōnstitūtus + present active subjunctive of sum
pluperfect cōnstitūtus + imperfect active subjunctive of sum
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present cōnstitue cōnstituite
future cōnstituitō cōnstituitō cōnstituitōte cōnstituuntō
passive present cōnstituere cōnstituiminī
future cōnstituitor cōnstituitor cōnstituuntor
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives cōnstituere cōnstituisse cōnstitūtūrum esse cōnstituī cōnstitūtum esse cōnstitūtum īrī
participles cōnstituēns cōnstitūtūrus cōnstitūtus cōnstituendus
verbal nouns gerund supine
genitive dative accusative ablative accusative ablative
cōnstituendī cōnstituendō cōnstituendum cōnstituendō cōnstitūtum cōnstitūtū

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]



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    • to finish, complete, fulfil, accomplish a thing: finem imponere, afferre, constituere alicui rei
    • to set up a statue in some one's honour: statuam alicui ponere, constituere
    • to determine the nature and constitution of the subject under discussion: constituere, quid et quale sit, de quo disputetur
    • to set a limit to a thing: modum facere, statuere, constituere alicui rei or alicuius rei
    • to impose fixed limitations: fines certos terminosque constituere
    • to take up one's abode in a place, settle down somewhere: sedem ac domicilium (fortunas suas) constituere alicubi
    • to fix a price for a thing: pretium alicui rei statuere, constituere (Att. 13. 22)
    • to build, found a city: oppidum constituere, condere
    • to give the state a constitution: rem publicam constituere
    • to make laws (of a legislator): leges scribere, facere, condere, constituere (not dare)
    • to establish some one as king, tyrant: aliquem regem, tyrannum constituere
    • to found a colony: coloniam constituere (Leg. Agr. 1. 5. 16)
    • to ordain as punishment that..: hanc poenam constituere in aliquem, ut...
    • to decree the penalty of death: supplicium alicui decernere, in aliquem constituere
    • to fix a day for the engagement: diem pugnae constituere (B. G. 3. 24)
    • to draw up forces in battle-order: aciem (copias, exercitum) instruere or in acie constituere
    • to make fast boats to anchors: naves (classem) constituere (in alto)




  1. first-person singular present indicative of constituir