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From Old French contagieus, from Late Latin contagiosus, from contagio.



contagious (comparative more contagious, superlative most contagious)

  1. (of a disease) Easily transmitted to others.
    Synonyms: catching, infectious
    The flu was so contagious that everybody in town got sick!
  2. (figuratively) Easily passed on to others.
    Synonym: infectious
    Wearing jeans was a contagious fad at that time.
    • 2000, Damon Gough (lyrics and music), “Magic in the Air”, in The Hour of Bewilderbeast, performed by Badly Drawn Boy:
      Cause love is contagious, when it's alright / Love is contagious, when it's alright / Love is alright
  3. (of a person) Having a disease that can be transmitted to another person.
    They were highly contagious, spreading bacteria to other people.


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