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contentiō f ‎(genitive contentiōnis); third declension

  1. stretching, tension
  2. competition, rivalry
  3. struggle, effort
  4. controversy, contention, dispute


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative contentiō contentiōnēs
genitive contentiōnis contentiōnum
dative contentiōnī contentiōnibus
accusative contentiōnem contentiōnēs
ablative contentiōne contentiōnibus
vocative contentiō contentiōnēs



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    • to exert oneself: contentionem adhibere
    • to strain every nerve, do one's utmost in a matter: omni ope atque opera or omni virium contentione eniti, ut
    • to be at variance with: in controversia (contentione) esse, versari
    • to maintain a controversy with some one: controversiam (contentionem) habere cum aliquo
    • it is a debated point whether... or..: in contentione ponitur,
    • pathetic address; emotional language: contentio (opp. sermo) (Off. 2. 48)
    • raising, lowering the voice: contentio, remissio vocis
    • party-strife: contentio partium (Phil. 5. 12. 32)