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  • IPA(key): /kənˈtɪnjuːd/
  • (file)


continued (not comparable)

  1. (dated) Prolonged; unstopped.
    • 1797, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, J. S. Barr (editor and translator), Barr's Buffon: Buffon's Natural Hiſtory, page 20,
      [] and for the pronunciation of F, a more continued ſound is neceſſary than for that of any of the conſonants.
    • 1819 [1736], Joseph Butler, Andrew Kippis (biography of the author), Samuel Hallifax (preface), The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature, page 93,
      But when the exercise of the virtuous principle is more continued, oftener repeated, and more intense, as it must be in circumstances of danger, temptation, and difficulty of any kind and any degree, this tendency is increased proportionably, and a more confirmed habit is the consequence.
    • 1820, A. P. Wilson Philip, A Treatise on Fevers: Including the Various Species of Simple and Eruptive Fevers[1], page 57:
      Instead of becoming more continued, intermittents sometimes become less so, which is always favourable.
  2. Uninterrupted.

Related terms[edit]




  1. simple past and past participle of continue


continued (plural continueds)

  1. the word continued when placed in the end of the page to show it is to be continued