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Alternative forms[edit]


From cool +‎ chest. Compare West Frisian kuolkast and Dutch koelkast (literally cool-chest), German Kühlschrank.


coolchest (plural coolchests)

  1. A chest or compartment for keeping food cold; refrigerator
    • 1996, Confrontation, number 60-61, page 70:
      "Aw, not much, just some sody and buttermilk. Don't get up, I'll just get it myself." Edith followed the creaks in the floorboards back to the coolchest, slid the door, took down a quart box (on which the handsome browneyed indian maid knelt in a sunset of butter) and then took a free look in the mirror lining the back of that cool-chest.
    • 2006, Vernor Vinge, The Tatja Grimm's World:
      Beside the tent mast stood a low couch and a table supporting a coolchest and bottles of drink.
    • 2006, Sheila Paine, The Afghan Amulet: Travels from the Hindu Kush:
      Finally he took me up some rickety steps into a men's dosshouse where cell-like rooms led off a passageway equipped with a washbasin and a coolchest of cans of Coke.
    • 2011, Rod Koch, When The Green Flag Drops: Memoirs Of A Baja And Pro-Rally Racer:
      In both vehicles, we carried cool-chests containing food and drinks plus extra water and camping gear.