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From copy +‎ -dom.


copydom (uncountable)

  1. The state or condition of being copied, or of being a copy.
    • 1977, Michael Jaffé, Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Rubens and Italy - Page 44:
      The contrast between parts which he chose to retouch for his own gratification and parts which he left in their feeble state of copydom is sufficiently exhibited by the section where the procession reaches the corner of the room with the figure of [...]
    • 2004, Alison Alexander, Jarice Hanson, Taking sides:
      It is only the second phase of the three stages of copydom.
  2. The sphere, influence, or world of copying.
    • 1927, Printers' Ink - Volume 139, Issue 2 - Page 18:
      The trouble is that in these days the Goliaths of copydom are all tricked out and cumbered with armor of various kinds, from layouts to ten finished proofs in as many colors, for an advertisement.
    • 2012, Michael Nentwich, René König, Cyberscience 2.0: Research in the Age of Digital Social Networks - Page 135:
      Initially, enthusiasts like Kelly (2006) celebrated this as a “clever solution”, potentially helping to “unravel the Gordian knot of copydom” in the digital age.