core constituency

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Alternative forms[edit]


core constituency ‎(plural core constituencies)

  1. (politics) The most important group or groups supporting an ideology, political party, officeholder, or candidate, and whose continuing support is crucial for survival and success.
    • 2007, "Money and politics: two views," The Times (South Africa), 2 Dec.:
      Some have argued that the ANC has lost sight of its core constituency: those who are poor and marginalised.
  2. (by extension) A group or groups whose continuing support is crucial for the success of any organization or individual.
    • 2007, Bryce G. Hoffman, "Ford takes risk going upscale with Volvo," The Detroit News, 2 Dec.:
      The challenge in all of this, Booth acknowledges, is to bring new customers to Volvo without alienating its core constituency.


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