core constituency

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Alternative forms[edit]


core constituency (plural core constituencies)

  1. (politics) The most important group or groups supporting an ideology, political party, officeholder, or candidate, and whose continuing support is crucial for survival and success.
    • 2007, "Money and politics: two views," The Times (South Africa), 2 Dec.:
      Some have argued that the ANC has lost sight of its core constituency: those who are poor and marginalised.
  2. (by extension) A group or groups whose continuing support is crucial for the success of any organization or individual.
    • 2007, Bryce G. Hoffman, "Ford takes risk going upscale with Volvo," The Detroit News, 2 Dec.:
      The challenge in all of this, Booth acknowledges, is to bring new customers to Volvo without alienating its core constituency.


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