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constituency (plural constituencies)

  1. (Britain) A district represented by one or more elected officials.
    John was elected to parliament from the Bedford constituency.
    • 2011 December 14, Angelique Chrisafis, “Rachida Dati accuses French PM of sexism and elitism”, in Guardian[1]:
      The row started over who will run for parliament in a wealthy rightwing constituency on the left bank in Paris, a safe seat for Sarkozy's ruling UMP. Dati is already a local mayor in the neighbourhood, a job felt to have been handed to her on a plate when she was a Sarkozy favourite. She has since fallen from grace, and when she left government she took a European parliament seat, considered a consolation prize.
  2. The voters within such a district.
  3. The residents of such a district.
  4. The voters of a candidate.
  5. An interest group or fan base.


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