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From coronet +‎ -ed.

Alternative forms[edit]


coronetted (not comparable)

  1. Bearing one or more coronets.
    • 1821, Anonymous, The Ghost of Chatham; A Vision[1]:
      These monstrous portents that before me rise Of mitred pimps, and coronetted spies!
    • 1831, Various, The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 17,[2]:
      --He kept his pills in a bag, and used to dole them out to his patients; and on doing so to a lady who stepped out of a coronetted carriage to consult him, she declared they made her sick, and she could never take a pill.
    • 1976, George Griffith, The Mummy and Miss Nitocris[3]:
      Then came a few more carriages containing very nice people with whom we have here but little concern; and then Miss Brenda, deeply regretting her beautiful Napier, with her father and mother in a very smart Savoy turn-out followed by a coronetted brougham drawn by a splendid pair of black Orloffs.