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Alternative forms[edit]


corrival ‎(plural corrivals)

  1. A fellow rival; a competitor; a rival.
  2. A companion.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Shakespeare to this entry?)


corrival ‎(comparative more corrival, superlative most corrival)

  1. Having rivaling claims; emulous; in rivalry.
    • Bishop William Fleetwood, An essay upon miracles
      Not thinking, perhaps, that this would be, to erect a Power equal, and corrival with that of God Almighty []


corrival ‎(third-person singular simple present corrivals, present participle corrivalling, simple past and past participle corrivalled)

  1. To compete with; to rival
    • 1598, Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1:
      By heaven methinks it were an easy leap
      To pluck bright honour from the pale-faced moon;
      Or dive into the bottom of the deep,
      Where fathom-line could never touch the ground,
      And pluck up drowned honour by the locks;
      So he that doth redeem her thence might wear
      Without corrival all her dignities:
      But out upon this half-facd fellowship!