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Alternative forms[edit]


counter- +‎ transference, a calque of German Gegenübertragung.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /kaʊntətɹansˈfəːɹəns/


countertransference (countable and uncountable, plural countertransferences)

  1. (psychotherapy) The transference of a therapist's own unconscious feelings to his or her patient; unconscious or instinctive emotion felt towards the patient.
    • 2005, Meg Wolitzer, The Position, Vintage 2012, p. 94:
      ‘She had a very unusual, difficult childhood. I guess, what with her history and all, she brings out these fatherly feelings of countertransference in me.’
    • 2007, Brett Kahr, Sex and the Psyche, Penguin 2008, p. 295:
      In my meeting with Dahlia, I found myself having a private countertransference thought which I certainly did not articulate to her.

Derived terms[edit]