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Old English[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *kraftiz, *kraftaz (strength). Cognate with Old Frisian kraft, Old Saxon kraft, Dutch kracht (strength), Old High German kraft (German Kraft (strength, ability)).



cræft m

  1. strength, power
    • Uncertain date, Unknown author, Beowulf[1], line 983:
      siððan æðelingas eorles cræfte ofer hēahne hrōf hand scēawedon, []
      since athelings all, through the earl’s great prowess, beheld that hand, on the high roof gazing, []
    • Uncertain date, Unknown author, Beowulf[2], line 1220:
      cen þec mid cræfte and þyssum cnyhtum wes
      preserve thy strength, and these striplings here
    on ðam gefeohte Mæða cræft gefeolin that battle the power of the Medes fell.
  2. skill, art
    • Uncertain date, Unknown author, Beowulf[3], line 2697:
      cræft and cēnðu, swā him gecynde wæs;
      craft and keenness and courage enduring.
    nan mon ne mæg nænne cræft cyðan butan tolumno man can show any skill without tools.
  3. an occupation
    hwæt begytst ðu of ðinum cræfte?what do you get by your trade?
  4. a device, especially magical
    wæs æfre unbegunnen Scyppend, se ðe gemacode swylcne cræftthe Creator, who made such a work, was ever without beginning.
  5. deceit, fraud
    cræfta gehwilc byð cealde forgoldenall deceits will be forgotten coldly


Derived terms[edit]

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  • English: craft