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crêperie (plural crêperies)

  1. Alternative spelling of creperie
    • 1992, Maureen Lipman, When's it Coming Out?, →ISBN, page 73:
      It was shortly after my forty-fifth that I stopped in Hampstead to buy, on a whim, a mushroom crêpe from a crêperie stall.
    • 1995, Sylvia Lovegren, Fashionable Food: Seven Decades of Food Fads, →ISBN, page 312:
      One of the strongest popularizing forces was Hungarian expatriate Leslie Fono who, with his wife, Paulette, opened one of the first crêperies in San Francisco, the Magic Pan, in 1965.
    • 2003 June 6, France For Dummies, →ISBN, pages 229, 351:
      The square directly across from Monet’s house, as well as the adjacent street, has many little cafes and crêperies. [] If you’re looking for a light lunch, you’ll enjoy this little crêperie located in a square in the center of town.
    • 2002, Philippe Barbour, Brittany, Cadogan Guides, →ISBN, page 72:
      There is an art to making a good Breton crêpe which, along with the choice of fillings and decor, is why some crêperies are much better than others. You will find crêperies in every corner of Brittany and they are generally reliably cheap places to eat.
    • 2013 January 2, Will Swanton, The Slams, Random House Australia, →ISBN:
      Srdjan Djokovic and his wife, Dijana, both accomplished skiers, gave lessons at the resort and ran three side-by-side businesses in the village: a crêperie, a clothes shop and a pizzeria.



English Wikipedia has an article on:
La Crêperie de Hampstead in London, England


From crêpe +‎ -erie.


  • IPA(key): /kʁɛ.pʁi/, /kʁe.pʁi/
  • (file)


crêperie f (plural crêperies)

  1. a restaurant specialising in making crêpes

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