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From crack +‎ -s- +‎ -man.


cracksman (plural cracksmen)

  1. (archaic, informal) A burglar or safebreaker.
    • 1914, Louis Joseph Vance, chapter III, in Nobody, New York, N.Y.: George H[enry] Doran Company, published 1915, OCLC 40817384:
      She was frankly disappointed. For some reason she had thought to discover a burglar of one or another accepted type—either a dashing cracksman in full-blown evening dress, lithe, polished, pantherish, or a common yegg, a red-eyed, unshaven burly brute in the rags and tatters of a tramp.
    • 1916, Melville Davisson Post, “The Man Hunters”, in The Saturday Evening Post[1]:
      The bank cracksmen who looted the national bank at Northampton were traced by a piece of wrapping paper picked up in an abandoned schoolhouse.