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Blend of crack +‎ intro



cracktro (plural cracktros)

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  1. (demoscene) An intro added to a piece of cracked software, typically including visual effects and music and naming the group that did the cracking.
    • 2002, "Blackspawn", Favourite cracktro tunes (on newsgroup alt.c64)
      When browsing the HVSC, I often encounter some songs which I never heard the name of, but which I know from those famous cracktros from Ikari, Hotline etc.
    • 2005, Tamás Polgár, Freax: the brief history of the demoscene: Volume 1
      Some of his modules were later also used by crackers and demogroups. Bamiga Sector One, for example, used his module titled Blueberry for the cracktro of Carrier Command.