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Alternative forms[edit]


crag (rocky outcrop) +‎ fast


cragfast (comparative more cragfast, superlative most cragfast)

  1. (climbing) Stranded on a crag (inaccessible rock).
    • 2010, John Beer, Coleridge's Play of Mind, Oxford University Press (→ISBN), page 100
      Eventually, having seen the dangers of the ledge still more clearly, and the body of a sheep which had become cragfast at the same spot, he spotted a solution to his difficulty. As he looked down he could see stones on the ledge far beneath him which must have been piled there by a shepherd trying vainly to reach the cragfast sheep whose body he had just passed.
    • 2017 December 17, Graeme Murrary, “‘Cragfast’ climbers rescued 600ft up Cairngorms peak”, in The Scotsman[1]:
      Mountain rescue crews say the men, who were “soloing” or not using any ropes, called for help after becoming cragfast on Jacob’s Ladder around 4pm on Saturday.
    a cragfast sheep