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Alternative forms[edit]


Genericization of the brand name Craisin, itself a blend of cranberry +‎ raisin



craisin (plural craisins)

  1. A dried cranberry.
    • 1995 May 12, Pete Stryjewski <pstryjew@colsun.Central.Sun.COM>, "How to make craisins?",, Usenet,
      But the craisins I have had in the past, seem to have additional sugar.
    • 1997 April 3, Kristen Mahan-Moutaw <moutaw@SWEDMC.COM>, "Bad Moods", bit.listserv.cinema-l, Usenet,
      Then I threw a craisin (sweetened dried cranberry) in my mouth and it flew to the back of my throat and stuck there, choking me....
    • 2002 March 12, pinktrixrabbit@aol.comnospam, "Mr. Craisin Head", alt.pets.rabbits, Usenet,
      I was giving him craisins and he started to stick his head in the bag looking for more.
    • Ca. 2004, Judith Moffett, "The Bear's Baby", in Gardner Dozois, ed., The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-First Annual Collection, 2004, St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0312324790, page 156,
      Denny passed the remaining hours of daylight eating a sandwich and a packet of craisins,... .