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cranio- +‎ tabes


craniotabes (uncountable)

  1. (medicine) The medical finding of a softening or thinning of the skull.
    • 1852 October 1, E. J. Beylard, “On Rachitis, Fragility of the Bones, and Osteomalacia”, in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, page 431:
      Dr. Elsässer applies the terms "soft occiput, or craniotabes," to the particular phase of this affection as he observed it, because it attacked the cranial bones, and especially the occipital bone, producing in these changes precisely analogous to those which rickets occasions in other parts of the skeleton.
    • 1910, Abraham Jacobi, Diseases of Children, page 251:
      The greater number of cases of acquired rickets develop in the first half year (often in the first three months), with softness of the occiput which Elsässer has well defined as craniotabes.
    • 2003, Henry M. Seidel, Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination, page 266:
      Palpate the scalp firmly above and behind the ears to detect craniotabes, a softening of the outer table of the skull.