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creatur (plural creaturs)

  1. Obsolete spelling of creature
    • 1901, Paul Laurence Dunbar, The Uncalled[1]:
      I 'm mighty sorry to hear about the poor old creatur; but she 'd served you a long while."
    • 1861, George Eliot, Silas Marner[2]:
      But it was observed with some irritation in the village, that anybody but a "blind creatur" like Marner would have seen the man prowling about, for how came he to leave his tinder-box in the ditch close by, if he hadn't been lingering there?
    • 1799, George Eliot, Adam Bede[3]:
      "Frightened, very frightened, when they first brought her in; it was the first sight of the crowd and the judge, poor creatur.




  1. third-person singular present passive indicative of creō

Old French[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowing from Latin creātor.


creatur m (oblique plural creaturs, nominative singular creaturs, nominative plural creatur)

  1. creator (one who creates)
    • 1958, The French Text of the Ancrene Riwle (based on the Cambridge manuscript, circa 1300)
      Kar quele compareison est entre le creatour e sa creature?
      For what comparison is there between the creator and his creature?

Usage notes[edit]