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Etymology 1[edit]

cross- +‎ play


crossplay (uncountable)

  1. (engineering) The ability to record data with one device and play back the data on a different, compatible device.
    • 1993, Airborne Reconnaissance, volume 16, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, →ISBN, page 52:
      The problem with the crossplay of plastic-based (Mylar) tape is that it's pliable; any difference in temperature or mechanical stress, induced by various transports, will distort track patterns recorded on the compliant tape.
  2. (linguistics) Subordinate communication between participants in a conversation.
    • 2008, Yumiko Tateytama, Gabrielle Kasper, “Talking with a Classroom Guest”, in Eva Alcon Soler, Alicia Martinez-Flor, editor, Investigating Pragmatics in Foreign Language Learning, Teaching and Testing, Multilingual Matters, →ISBN, page 63:
      Although in all three events the requests were performed in front of and for the benefit of the student audience as intended bystanders, the crossplay observed in the guest-student episode was absent from the guest-teacher interactions.

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Etymology 2[edit]

English Wikipedia has an article on:
Photograph of two Star Wars cosplayers: A woman dressed as the male character Han Solo and a man dressed as the female character Princess Leia.
Crossplay at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

Blend of cross-dressing +‎ cosplay


crossplay (uncountable)

  1. A form of cosplay in which one dresses up as a character of the opposite sex.
    • 2001 May 22, Wednesday, “Re: 'There are only 500 REAL anime fans in the UK'”, in, Usenet[1], message-ID <-6y*>:
      Incidentally, I'm not sure you're bucking the trend so much as going along with it; FTM crossplay is getting pretty popular, although you see more women going for bishounen and visual-kei genderfucky stars than anything else.
    • 2006, Winge, Theresa, “Costuming the Imagination”, in Frenchy Lunning, editor, Emerging Worlds of Anime and Manga, volume 1, University of Minnesota Press, →ISBN, page 71:
      Crossplay is where a cosplayer employs gender reversal (i.e., a female who dresses as a male character or vice versa).
    • 2014, Thomas, Catherine, “'Love to Mess with Minds': En(gendering) Identities Through Crossplay”, in Ben Bolling & Matthew J. Smith, editor, It Happens at Comic-Con: Ethnographic Essays on a Pop Culture Phenomenon, McFarland, →ISBN, page 37:
      At CCI, where a large number of people cosplay, crossplay becomes a mode to "stand out."
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