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a crossword (1)


cross +‎ word


  • IPA(key): /ˈkɹɒswɜː(ɹ)d/
  • enPR: kros'-werd
  • (file)


crossword (plural crosswords)

  1. (games, puzzles) A word puzzle in which interlocking words are entered usually horizontally and vertically into a grid based on clues given for each word.
  2. (informal, by extension) The grid of such a puzzle
    • 1957, Drum: A magazine of Africa for Africa, page 72:
      HOW TO ENTER::Fill in the crossword and send it to CROSSWORD No.54, DRUM, 176 Main Street, Johannesburg
    • 1962, Juan Garcia Hortelano, Summer Storm, page 175:
      I sat on the bed and began to fill in the crossword.
    • 1967, Pigeon Racing News and Gazette - Volumes 23-24, page 27:
      All you have to do is fill in the crossword on this page and write your name and address on the coupon in Block Capitals (those written in longhand will not qualify).
    • 1979, Judith A. Gillespie, An Energy Curriculum for the Elementary Grades - Page 2-45, Indiana Dept. of Commerce Energy Group, page 2-45:
      They should be able to fill out the crossword using their knowledge from this chapter.
    • 2021, Sarah Everett, Some Other Now[1], page 218:
      “You said you wanted me to fill out the crossword for you!”
    • 2021, Sian Phillips, Private Faces and Public Places: The Autobiography[2]:
      Flair, the butler, drank.[…]On weekdays when we were alone, he would open The Times and fill in the crossword, each clue no sooner read than solved. At weekends he merely read the crossword, then ironed the paper before giving it to Herbie.


Derived terms[edit]


  • French: mots croisés (calque)
  • Greek: σταυρόλεξο (stavrólexo) (calque)
  • Russian: кроссворд (krossvord)


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