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From crude +‎ -ly.


  • IPA(key): /ˈkɹuːdli/
  • Hyphenation: crude‧ly


crudely (comparative more crudely, superlative most crudely)

  1. In a crude manner.
    • 1930, Norman Lindsay, Redheap, Sydney: Ure Smith, published 1965, page 159:
      Her features had been crudely handsome, too, like Millie's, but booze had splodged their outlines.
    • 1963, Margery Allingham, chapter 3, in The China Governess[1]:
      Sepia Delft tiles surrounded the fireplace, their crudely drawn Biblical scenes in faded cyclamen blending with the pinkish pine, while above them, instead of a mantelshelf, there was an archway high enough to form a balcony with slender balusters and a tapestry-hung wall behind.
    • 2016 February 6, "Israel’s prickliness blocks the long quest for peace," The National (retrieved 8 February 2016):
      Mr Netanyahu also called Mr Shapiro’s observations “unacceptable”. The ambassador too was accused of demonstrating a “double standard” and was crudely dismissed by a former Mr Netanyahu aide as a “little Jew boy” courting favour.