cryo processed

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cryo processed

  1. simple past tense and past participle of cryo process


cryo processed (comparative more cryo processed, superlative most cryo processed)

  1. Alternative form of cryo-processed
    • 2007, Sanjeev Kumar, Corrosion Behaviour of Nanostructured Aluminium Alloys Processed by Cryo-Rolling (Masters Thesis, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee):
      However, it is believed that the corrosion localization along the boundaries could be high in cryo processed samples due to high residual dislocation density and a large volume fraction of interfaces in the matrix.
    • 2008 August, E. Lavoie-Hodges, E. Dressaire, & D. Bell, “TEM Survey of the Cytoplasmic wound reaction of Caulerpa prolifera”, in Microscopy and Microanalysis, volume 14, number S2:
      Wound plug formation from a cryo processed sample of Caulerpa prolifera exhibiting presence of little else than a stray membrane.