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cuddle +‎ -er



cuddler (plural cuddlers)

  1. Someone or something cuddly, who cuddles.
    • 1993, Barbara Delinsky - More Than Friends - Page 60
      Zoe was a cuddler. Annie swore she had been a cuddler in the womb, so continued...
  2. (chiefly US) Someone who volunteers or works in a hospital by caring for babies (by showing human touch, giving cuddles etc.)
    • 1995, David Walter Adams, Eleanor J. Deveau - Beyond the Innocence of Childhood #*:At the Children's Hospital, an active cuddler's program was developed to provide stimulation for infants whose parents found it difficult to visit on a regualar basis. Cuddlers are recruited from within the hospital and the local community.
    • 2007, April, ABC News - People, places and things
      A volunteer program at St. Vincent Children's Hospital is aimed at taking care of the littlest patients. Nancy Franciscy is one of 15 cuddlers at St. Vincent. The cuddlers are volunteers in the neonatal intensive care unit. The program began in the fall.