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From Old French culet, diminutive of cul (bottom), itself from Latin culus (arse).


culet (plural culets)

  1. A component of armor, consisting of overlapping plates designed to protect the buttocks.
    • 1630, John Smith, True travels, in Kupperman 1988, p. 49:
      The Turk prosecuted his advantage to the uttermost of his power; yet the other [...] not onely avoided the Turkes violence, but having drawne his Faulchion, pierced the Turke so under the Culets thorow backe and body, that although he alighted from his horse, he stood not long ere hee lost his head, as the rest had done.
  2. A small, flat face at the base of a brilliant-cut gemstone.


Old French[edit]


cul +‎ -et.


culet m (oblique plural culez or culetz, nominative singular culez or culetz, nominative plural culet)

  1. collet, beazle (around a jewel, on a ring)


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