cum receptacle

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cum +‎ receptacle


cum receptacle (plural cum receptacles)

  1. (offensive, vulgar) a cumhole, a cum dumpster
    • 2003, Anthony Swofford, Jarhead: A Solder's Story of Modern War[1], →ISBN:
      [...] Once you're in the Fleet Marine Force and they find out you lied on your contract, they'll put you in the brig. Do you want to go to the brig someday, Swofford?” “Sir, the recruit will admit something, sir.” “Don't lie to me, you worthless cum receptacle.”
    • 2014, Jenny Mollen, I Like You Just the Way I Am: Stories About Me and Some Other People[2], →ISBN, page 18:
      As soon as it dawned on me that Leo's mom wasn't checking me out because I was an adorable specimen clearly out of Bruno's league, but because she thought I was some mail order cum receptacle, I was pissed.
    • 2017, Eric Magni, The Initiate[3], →ISBN:
      She continued to think about how dirty and degrading the situation would look to an outside observer. Male IT worker uses the office female as his cum receptacle. The more she thought about it, the stronger the throbbing grew. The yearning tingle between her legs was getting scratched by the thoughts running through her head.
    • 2017, Mitchell Warren, Attempted Rapture: The Complete Series[4], →ISBN:
      [...] Last night, I jacked off into cum receptacle. And I asked him, 'A cum receptacle? What do you call that?' And he said 'Well, I just call her Amara.'” “And all these sick jokes that he” “Amara kneeled down to worship just the other day. Did it help? Well, let's just say, I cried 'Jesus!', she spoke in tongue and God said don't talk with your mouth full.”