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cum +‎ wad


cumwad (plural cumwads)

  1. (slang, vulgar) An amount of semen, especially the amount produced by a man in one ejaculation.
    • 1987, First Hand, Teaneck, N.J.: FirstHand, ISSN 0744-6349, OCLC 8460731, page 42:
      Another, smaller cum wad shot into my mouth. I sucked the last drop from his handsome cock, and licked his cockhead clean.
    • 2010, Stephoonus Galatoboureko, The Creeping Hand Book, Men, Bloomington, Ind.: Xlibris, →ISBN, page 36:
      Don't forget a mistress, or a massage parlor. You're not going there, are you? Besides, do those temporary fixes ever decrease your true desires? As soon as you've blown your cum wad, some where you shouldn't have, how many seconds could you count, before you're thinking about your wife, sick to your stomach with guilt and remorse, []
    • 2014, Curtis Kingsmith, Brutewood Long-term Confinement: Maximum Security, [s.l.]: Eroticatorium, →ISBN, pages 266–267:
      He had never tasted cum before, and this was such a surprise that his mouth was half-open, so most of the cumwad went straight onto his tongue.
  2. (derogatory, slang, vulgar) A stupid or useless person; dickhead, shithead.
    • 1998 February, Brian [Charles] Daley, Smoke on the Water: Book One of GammaLAW, New York, N.Y.: Del Rey Books, →ISBN, page 8:
      "The little cumwad," Zone muttered.
    • 2012, Amara Thompson; Addis Daniel, No News is Bad News, Bloomington, Ind.: AuthorHouse, →ISBN, page 10:
      RICK Hey cum wad how bout you stop staring at my assistant and get some work done around here. / BJ This is the break room dickhead, i'm taking a break.
    • 2015, Linda Nagata, The Trials, New York, N.Y.: Saga Press, →ISBN, page 295:
      The cumwad is probably going to die anyway, drowning in his own blood. I decide to push him over onto his side so the blood can drain. Maybe he'll live.