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Alternative forms[edit]


From cum +‎ whore.


cumwhore (plural cumwhores)

  1. (slang, vulgar) a cumslut
    • 2008, Elliott Mabeuse, A Good Student, page 47
      When she's a greedy little cum-whore and needs spanking.” I slapped her lightly on the clit and Emma jumped.
    • 2008, Greg Rucka, Greg Rucka, Patriot Acts, page 123
      "Have you forgotten why we want this cumwhore? Have you forgotten what he did to us?"
    • 2008, Louis Friend, Freedom is slavery page 162
      Charlie removed his filled condom and threw it down in front of Louis as a treat for the cum whore.
    • 2009, Daniel W. Kelly, Horny Devil, page 94
      He firmly believed that semen was what kept his skin looking so taut and smooth (not to mention, he was a total cum whore who got off on being a human cum rag).