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Alternative forms[edit]


cum +‎ dump


  • (file)


cumdump (plural cumdumps)

  1. (sex) A place to ejaculate, especially a body part or cavity
    • 2007, John Patrick, Come Again, Volume 1, page 61
      “Me and my guys need ourselves a cumdump for when we go on tour. Some hole who'll keep us entertained on our private plane and take care of our cocks at night – especially numero uno here.”
    • 2010, Eric Summers, Big Holiday Packages, page 40
      He couldn't simply enjoy me as his personal cumdump for the past several weeks and not feel a thing, even if the gift was nothing more to give me something to remember him by after he gave me my deserving promotion.
    • 2010, Eric Summers, Teamates, page 25
      He grunts, pulls out, pulls off and uses the hard stomach below him as a cobblestone cumdump.

Related terms[edit]