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Alternate forms[edit]


From cupido (desire, longing, lust) +‎ -tās.



cupiditās f (genitive cupiditātis); third declension

  1. desire
  2. cupidity, avarice, greed


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative cupiditās cupiditātēs
genitive cupiditātis cupiditātum
dative cupiditātī cupiditātibus
accusative cupiditātem cupiditātēs
ablative cupiditāte cupiditātibus
vocative cupiditās cupiditātēs



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    • to be consumed by the fires of ambition: gloriae, laudis cupiditate incensum esse, flagrare
    • to kindle ambition in some one's mind: aliquem cupiditate honorum inflammare (or aliquem ad cupiditatem honorum inflammare)
    • love of truth: veri videndi, investigandi cupiditas
    • to be fired with desire of a thing: cupiditate alicuius rei accensum, inflammatum esse
    • to have an ardent longing for a thing: cupiditate alicuius rei ardere, flagrare
    • to rouse a person's interest, cupidity: cupiditatem alicuius accendere
    • to rouse a person's interest, cupidity: aliquem ad cupiditatem incitare
    • to rouse a person's interest, cupidity: aliquem cupiditate inflammare
    • to be blinded by passions: cupiditatibus occaecari (Fin. 1. 10. 33)
    • to be the slave of one's desires: cupiditatibus servire, pārēre
    • to overcome one's passions: imperare cupiditatibus
    • to overcome one's passions: coercere, cohibere, continere, domitas habere cupiditates
    • to bridle one's desires: refrenare cupiditates, libidines
    • unrestrained, unbridled lust: effrenatae cupiditates
    • unrestrained, unbridled lust: indomitae animi cupiditates
    • to satisfy one's desires: cupiditates explere, satiare
    • the passions have cooled down: cupiditates deferbuerunt (Cael. 18. 43)