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Alternative forms[edit]


cutin +‎ -ize


cutinize (third-person singular simple present cutinizes, present participle cutinizing, simple past and past participle cutinized)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To change into cutin.
    • 1885, Asa Gray, Physiological botany[1], volume 2, page 39:
      Sulphuric acid and chromic acid, even when concentrated, produce little effect on cutinized membranes, beyond removing traces of cellulose present in the cell-wall.
    • 1903, Daniel Trembly Macdougal, The influence of light and darkness upon growth and devlopment[2], volume 2, page 32:
      Leaves normally or experimentally developed as underground scales cutinize both upper and lower surfaces, and diminish the formation of collenchyma, palisade cells and intercellular spaces.
    • 2013, Rudolf Endress, Plant Cell Biotechnology[3], page 113:
      They may be separated early from the mother tissue by cutinizing their surface.


Related terms[edit]