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cyber- +‎ flaneur


cyberflaneur (plural cyberflaneurs)

  1. (Internet) A person who idly surfs the Internet
    • 1997, Nan Ellin, Architecture of fear, page 292:
      The attraction that it exerts on the millions that stroll through its maze of information might be used to reinvigorate our cities. Cyberflaneurs have become captivated with the Internet's ready supply of huge amounts of information...
    • 1997, Nathan Gardels, The changing global order: world leaders reflect, page 174:
      What about the widely heralded hope that cyberspace will be the new street, the piazza in our sprawling cities of connected isolation; that cyberflaneurs will promenade around the Net like Baudelaire taking a stroll around Paris?
    • 2001, Richard Maxwell, Culture works: the political economy of culture, page 214:
      The implied cyberflaneur is the male adult, because kids have their own link, as do women (and this half of the human race is construed as being interested foremost in family and beauty).