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Alternative forms[edit]


From French flâneur (loafer, idler, dawdler, loiterer).


  • (UK) IPA(key): /flɑːˈnɜː(ɹ)/, /flæˈnɜː(ɹ)/
    • (file)
  • (US) IPA(key): /flɑˈnʊɚ/


flaneur (plural flaneurs)

  1. One who wanders aimlessly, who roams, who travels at a lounging pace.
    • 2009, Barry Estabrook, Gourmet October 2009, "Good Living", page 57:
      Portsmouth is a flaneur’s dream come true, a place that simply begs to be explored randomly and on foot.
    • 2014 August 23, Neil Hegarty, “Hidden City: Adventures and Explorations in Dublin by Karl Whitney, review: 'a necessary corrective' [print version: Re-Joycing in Dublin, p. R25]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Review)[1]:
      In observing Dublin in this way – its cultural and geographic context, its streets and skies, neighbours and wider world – Whitney is occupying consciously the role of flâneur, defined by Beaudelaire as "a lounger or saunterer, an idle man about town", a gatherer of aesthetic impressions.
  2. An idler, a loafer.


Derived terms[edit]



flaneur (third-person singular simple present flaneurs, present participle flaneuring, simple past and past participle flaneured)

  1. To wander aimlessly or at a lounging pace. [since at least the 1860s]
    • 1867, The Ladies' Cabinet of Fashion, Music & Romance, page 64:
      Meantime, we flaneured about the Guernsey market, and a remarkable pretty sight it was this bright morning.
    • 2015, Bruce Bauman, Broken Sleep, Other Press, LLC (→ISBN):
      Still, I wrote him often, and although I missed him, through autumn I contentedly flaneured about. At Alchemy's Christmas break we flew to Paris and stayed at Nathaniel's flat on Rue du Cherche-Midi. The three of us would lahdidah to the Luxembourg Gardens, where we read Alchemy the French canon of subversive lit.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:flaneur.





flaneur m (plural flaneurs, diminutive flaneurtje n)

  1. A person who walks the city in order to experience it.
  2. (Belgium) A saunterer; a lounger.

Related terms[edit]