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cyber- +‎ martyr


cybermartyr (plural cybermartyrs)

  1. A person persecuted or punished for online activity.
    • 1999, Chris Taylor, "Geeks vs. G-Men", Time, 6 June 1999:
      The most famous exception is Kevin Mitnick, the "dark side" hacker who became a cybermartyr after languishing in jail for four years without trial.
    • 2002, Steven Levy, "Locking Up Your Rights", Newsweek, 17 March 2002:
      Under the DMCA, selling a tool that breaks copy protection warrants jail time, and Sklyarov, a frail-looking techno-waif with a wife and babies at home, became an instant cybermartyr.
    • 2010, Ian Bremmer, Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World, Portfolio (2013), ISBN 9780670921058, unnumbered page:
      In 2011, efforts by several governments to shut him [Julian Assange] and WikiLeaks down made him the world's first cybermartyr.