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cyber- +‎ media



cybermedia (uncountable)

  1. Media published on the Internet or in cyberspace.
    • 1999, Peter M Burns, An Introduction to Tourism and Anthropology:
      Anthropology is about people: increasingly the relationships between people are framed by global influences including advertising and cybermedia.
    • 2000, William B Gudykunst, Communication Yearbook:
      A number of studies have charted the use of cybermedia in political campaigns and government in the United States and elsewhere.
    • 2004, Robert M Fowler, Edith Waldvogel Blumhofer, Fernando F Segovia, New paradigms for Bible study
      What does the future — especially the future of cybermedia — hold for academic biblical scholarship?
    • 2008, Nick Heil, Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season
      Brice had developed a particularly contentious relationship with Everest's emerging cybermedia, specifically


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