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new media (uncountable)

  1. (dated) Interactive digital media, such as the Internet, as opposed to traditional media such as print and television.
    Synonym: cybermedia
    Antonym: old media
    • 2006, Robert Hassan, Julian Thomas eds., The New Media Theory Reader, McGraw-Hill Education (→ISBN), page 5:
      What is new media? We may begin answering this question by listing the categories commonly discussed under this topic in the popular press: the Internet, Web sites, computer multimedia, computer games, CD-ROMs and DVD, virtual reality.
    • 2009, Natalie Fenton, New Media, Old News, SAGE (→ISBN), page 14:
      The techno-pessimists who see new media as commodified by corporations and the market as any ‘old media’ have also missed the point.

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